Race Against Cancer – Me, Jogging and The Miracle Ball

Between us, it is a love-hate affair
We have come a long way
For a long while since I became a mum
It has been my regular touch point with my sanity
An escape to paradise
and the surest way to lift me up

It’s a private affair
No one comes in between
Not even my beloved husband

For the time belongs to us
And the dwelling is on me
A little reflection
A little trimming
A little restoring
All at my own pace and not anyone else’s

And the beautiful thing is
It’s free, totally

Even so it remains a battle
A battle fought and won

Then an excruciating pain in the knee kept me at bay for the longest time
A slap in my face for it has always been a belief
that such is an excuse for the feeble minded

I couldn’t jog
I limped
I couldn’t swim
and staircase became my worst nightmare

Elders sauntering down stairs
are like women on stiletto heels
I respect

Bleakness, gloominess and desolation gripped me
I couldn’t fathom how that dainty lady maintian her sanity
without having to clock a single mile in her life
A life I would never live to have

It was at that darkest moment
a miracle bestowed

Who would have thought
A hardy spikey ball was all it takes
to fix it all


And so I fought
and won again
and return to the land of bountiful goodness


Note :  Come this Sunday on the 22 Jul 2012 I will be doing my first running event.
It will be a 15 km run, the longest I ever did in a go, with Singtel’s 2012 Race Against Cancer
I could have gotten this post out earlier but there was always this lingering fear that the pain would return and perhaps I could still pull out

The pain did return and it still hurts after each run but I am constantly working at it with my mirracle ball
And I have decided that this shall be a committment to keep as the pain I am feeling is nothing compared to what these cancer patients have gone through.

So see you at the run if you had signed up, if not it would be great if you could hop over here to make a donation to the Singapore Cancer Society
I know your donation, big or small, would be greatly appreciated

This is not a sponsored nor an advertorial post



  1. Mrs T says:

    Hey Rachel, I should have read your posting earlier. Then I will have the chance to meet you, the great blogger in person. I was there too, working as my company sponsored this event and we were provided a booth for publicity promotion.

    • malmal says:

      hey Mrs T, we were there just in time for the race and did not hang around long enough to check out the booths…would be great to meet u in person too. I am flattered to be called a great blogger…thanks for visiting this space all this while 🙂

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