My Sunday Morning

Last Sunday my husband and I ran in the Singtel’s 2012 Race Against Cancer 15 km event
Many were there to compete but I was there to complete my first 15 km run without collapsing

My husband and I usually take turns to jog because someone needs to be home to be with the kids
And due to his busy work schedule we usually end up jogging late at night

As much as I love running outdoors, I often end up in the most uninteresting boring place, on the treadmill

I never exceed the 1/2 hour limit whenever I am on it, the limit set for every machine in our gym
It is only during weekends that I get to sneak out for longer runs before the kids wake up

I love morning runs, during those balmy predawn hours where  you can smell the dew on the leaves

My husband and I used to jog together but such is a luxury we don’t have after the kids came along

So Sunday run was like a date for us, reliving the old days, and being the weekend that my husband celebrated his birthday, made it all the more meaningful

The morning was beautiful; the sky was clear; and the mood was light
We gathered at the starting point as the sun rose

There was laughter in the air and yet you could feel the nervousness in some
Presumably having the same knotty feeling in the stomach that I was feeling

Doesn’t matter if what I really wished for was a sunless cloudy morning and that I was clad in the most unsporty, perhaps even inappropriate top

You see, I had wanted to wear something pink, but it had totally slipped my mind
I only remembered on the night before the run, while out having late night coffee at the airport
I made a dash to a nearby shop, 10 minutes before it closed and grabbed the pinkiest thing I could find there

A hot pink sphagetti strap singlet that cost less than 10 bucks was what I got

Then my beautician had to give me a new cream and in my vanity, I slapped on copious amounts on my face
Under the blazing sun, the cream reached flash point
The cream, on my face, literally combusted spontaneously during the run
Leaving me at the end, in a pinker state than my shocking pink top

After what seemed like forever of roasting under the hot sun, we crossed the finish line
Our timing … 1 hour 51 min

And before I continued to ramble on about how ill-prepared I was and how great if everything was better planned, I was reminded that this run really isn’t about all these

It isn’t about how inappropriate my outfit was
or how I should have spared my face from the new cream

It isn’t even about the timing we took to finish the run
or how we should have trained better


It was a beautiful morning and we were there for reasons larger than ourselves
To honour those who had fought
To celebrate those who had won
To remember those who had lost
To cheer those who are still fighting

I was solemnly reminded of this man’s wife, my mum’s neighbour, my friend’s dad, my brother-in-law’s mum … Fighters and winners in my life


Please head over here if you wish to make a donation to the Singapore Cancer Society