Lunch On Instagram

I watched on as each of them was hauled from a wooden barrel
Carefully and neatly tucked into a little basket of a run down bike

It took a while and plenty of skill
So that all 4 of them would fit nicely inside

For a while, I thought this was some kind of primitive way of killing them

Choking them with the exhaust ?!
I dare not ask

But cringed at the thought and hesitated whether to ask my boys to witness this moment
I doubt I should
It would probably be too traumatizing for them

As I positioned myself with my iphone
I could sense an urgency

Perhaps I was in the way
Maybe my presence made them nervous

I haphazardly snapped a few shots before the bike scootered off

I found out later
These domesticated fowl were on their way to slaughter house

8 months of living for this day

To be served
For lunch





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