An Old Junk Truck

And he mounted on his bike

troddled onto the loose gravel road

stirring up red dust along the way as he rode

He is at the acme of handling his wheels

His latest stunt is propelling with both legs like a pair of ski poles

gaining speed and balancing with feet off the ground

He has discovered the thrill of cruising with wind in his face

He rode past rows of oil palm trees

He rode past piles of smoking debris

And he came by an old wooden shed

Sitting on a mossy green patch was what seem like a character from his favourite movie Cars

Its lights were gone and its wheels were missing

Its back was ripped off and only its front was left

‘Mummy, what happened ?’

And he rode over for a closer look

An algaed, corroded, skeletal corpse was all that was left

‘Mummy, what happened?’ he asked again

eager to find out what and why

I looked at him and paused

Then thinking very hard, I came up with a very improbable story

“The car is very very old. The car died ”

“oh…the car die already…”, he echoed softly

Then he nonchalantly went back to his adventure of discovery


With me following closely behind, my mind still at what we saw

And wondered about the story behind that old junk truck

about the glamour and glory it once must have had

but often becomes insignificant and forgotten when one gets old and invalid






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