Getting Organized

I am not the organized sort

I don’t like clutter but I can live with it

Since I moved out of my parents’ home

I have learned that the toughest challenge in life is maintainence

And since I became a mom, I have given up tidiness for sanity sake

It gets easier over time

You get used to the mess and you stop noticing it


Until perhaps one day when a fight broke out

and you find yourself having to defend being labelled sloppy

which really made you feel like throwing in the towel


But instead you gathered the negativity

transformed it into a strange positivity

that made you sort out hidden corners

throw out 2 bags full of stuff

and build a home for your pile of entangled accessories out of used cardboard boxes

I am very happy with this new home

Thought it could even pass off as a piece of art for an empty wall

It’s been a while since I made something this cool and pretty for myself


Sometimes all it takes is a petty fight

To kick you out of your comfort zone

And bring out the good in you




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