Last Minute DIY Teacher’s Day Gift

So I have been asking my 8 year old whether he would like to prepare something for his teachers on Teacher’s Day
His answer had been a consistent NO … no need
Reason being, he and his classmates were already training hard on a performance for the teachers and their joint effort in making a card for their form teacher

Indeed, he has been pracitsing his dance moves with his little brother every night, doing the Great Singapore Workout
My husband and I were not spared from the practice
A family waddling to the beat in front of youtube channel as an after-dinner exercise
It was silly and hilarious

Then there was this group of blogging mothers who have been nothing but a constant source of inspiration
They are a creative bunch, always full of ideas and some of them have been sharing gift ideas for Teacher’s Day
My 8 year old was totally bought into the idea after he read this because it was SO simple

So 2 nights ago, we tried out the recipe
Instead of using sugar or salt, we used brown rice instead

We gathered some shower gel
Ground some wholesome organic brown rice
and the kids had fun mixing their ‘magic portion’
It was simple enough for my 3 year old-to-be toddler to join in as well

Within a night, we cleared out half a dozen of bottled bird nest drinks so that we could recycle the bottles (which would otherwise be sitting in the cabinet)
I spent the night creating some labels
Dressed each bottle with some ribbons
and Viola !

So there you have it
Our very own organic brown rice body scrubs for the teachers

They look almost good enough to be eaten
And we even made some for the whole family


Ingredient for Homemade Brown Rice Body Srub

1. Shower Gel (we used Rose Petal for ladies and GreenTea and Aloe Vera for gentlemen)

2. Ground organic brown rice (you can use sugar or salt)

3. Recycled glass bottles

Simply add ground brown rice to the shower gel and mix





  1. Alicia says:

    Thanks for the link-up! And what a lovely idea to recycle the bottles! I couldn’t even tell that they were recycled bottles till you mentioned about it! Well done!

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