A Date At Kampong Buangkok (Part 1)

Last Sunday my elder boy was granted his wish, to indulge in the Company of Hero (a computer game) for a couple of hours at my sister’s place

At the last minute, the younger one decided that it was more fun to hang out with his brother and yiyi

So my husband and I suddenly found ourselves with a few hours without the kids

We couldn’t decide how to spend the precious few hours

It was midday and the sun was scorhing hot

We thought of chilling out at a cafe but instead we did something which I have always wanted to do

We checked out  Singapore’s last surviving kampong

Because it was an impromptu visit, I did not have my camera with me

All photos were shot using my iphone and processed mostly using Instagram

We took our time to stroll around the village

Slowly framing each picture, a luxury that I seldom have these days

Note : While taking these pictures, we were careful not to trespass into someone’s home as had read about complaints made by residents who were unhappy over intruders who wander into their home taking pictures




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