The First Lady’s Speech

It is not often that a I listen to a speech
and get moved to tears
But it happened the other night
as I listened to America’s First Lady speak

Perhaps I could identify with her as a mother
Perhaps I saw sincerity in her eyes
Perhaps I felt the love in her heart
Perhaps I was touched by her humility

And I pondered and thought about the things she said.

About the things that our society take for granted
About dignity and respect in being able to put in a hard day’s work
About sacrifice and courage in doing what we believe in
About doing the right thing no matter how hard it is
About remembering where you come from and what you stand for
About how hard you work mattering more than how much you make
About helping others and giving back to the community
About service before self as a way of life
About saying what we do and doing what we say
About making a difference in this world we live in
About what it means to stick to one’s principles and to live by one’s values

About our single most important role that really matters as a parent
But mostly, what I must do as a mother in this increasingly dysfunctional world that we live in

No, I am not American.
But if I am, I certainly know who I am going to vote for the next American President





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