Eating Mooncakes

Mid-Autumn Festival is less than 2 weeks away
And for the past few weeks, the perfect recipe for cuddling up after dinner is
Hot tea, mooncakes and air con

We don’t usually air conditioned our place except the room that we sleep in
But somehow the kids have it programmed this way
Eating moon cakes + drinking hot tea = air con

Everyone needs to be squeezed onto our 3 seater sofa
They will help the Dad serve the moon cakes and tea
before pulling out books and blankets for all

It’s cute and it’s relaxing for me to have someone else do the serving

That’s not all

My boys have discerning taste buds
My elder one remember exactly how last year’s mooncake tastes like
and my younger one only take this particular flavour now

So on a weekday evening, when the Mom was too tired to rush to town, to wrestle with the crowd, with kids in tow, to buy moon cakes
The clueless Dad took over

Of course he was overwhelmed by the crowd and the variety
and figured out why buying moon cakes can be so tiring

Thankfully his son knew exactly what he wants based off taste and smell
And they managed to bring back exactly what we had last year

Green tea snow skin moon cakes
And we are into our 3rd and 4th box



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