Recycled Lantern Crafts

So the last post was meant for this
but I got carried away
and ended up rambling about eating mooncakes !

Apart from eating mooncakes we have been busy churning out lanterns
Lanterns made from used plastic containers we had collected over the past weeks
These include mineral water bottles, fruits boxes, egg trays, yogurt containers, sushi boxes, plastic boxes for our breakast buns

It’s appalling how much plastic we consumed everyday and in just a few days we ended up with so many tnat we had to throw away some

We started making lanterns a few years back because we couldn’t find anything in the market we like
They were either fire hazards or come with loud techno music

So in 2009 we started making our own lanterns

Our first lanterns were a jet plane and an army tank (using used pastic containers, toilet rolls and Brands essence chicken boxes)

In 2010, with Youth Olympic and Singaopre Airshow, we made Olympic torch (using kitchen towel roll and dessert takeaway containers) and RSAF Black Knight (using coke bottle and Four Leaves chocolate bread roll containers)

Last year the kids discovered Disney Cars and were crazy over McQueen and Doc Hudson (using fruits containers and portobello mushroom containers)
I made Mater just to make myself happy

This year, with the passing of the first man who landed on moon and also because the kids really love rockets and space
We made a series of space mobile

We built the Saturn V Rocket (using Watson’s distilled water bottle, tea light candle holder, some cardboard pieces and aluminium foil)

the Lunar Module (using grapes container, Four Leaves chocolate bread roll container, satay sticks, tea light candle holder and aluminium foil)

and the Lunar Rover (using grapes container, match box, tea light candle holder, egg tray, satay sticks and aluminium foil)

My elder boy helped in brainstorming the design and the younger one helped in choosing the colours
They got their hands dirty doing the paint job but my toddler’s interest in getting the paint job done could last about 5 minutes
and I am pretty much the one left to finish up

At the end of it, I think Mom is the one who truly enjoyed it
I find it especially satisfying to turn something from almost absolutely nothing to something where the kids would play

These lanterns are pretty hardy, last year’s lantern is still around
The first 2 lanterns for this year had gone through a few rounds of thrashing and they are still intact
The boys had tried lighting up the lanterns and found that their bicycle headlights work better than tea light candles
We are still undecided but meanwhile, I think I have more trash lying around for more lanterns


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    • malmal says:

      thanks Angie ! my younger one is requesting for Cars lantern on top of his rocket lantern…and he wanted Holly Shiftwell this time…I am still cracking my brain…

    • malmal says:

      hey Elisa, yes we painted them using acrylic paint. It’s pretty easy to make …done within a day..time is needed to dry the paint and glue . Usually I put on 2 coat of paint thus need time for the first coat to dry before applying the 2nd coat

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