My Weekend Mornings

At the break of dawn, I crept out of bed while everyone else was sound asleep
I slippped into my jogging gear with nary a sound so I wouldn’t wake a single soul
Grabbed a quick bite with a big glass of water
My day began

I love mornings, and it doesn’t need to be high above ground
and I appreciate sun rise more after I became a mom

I love being with myself and I love being alone
Solitude takes on new meaning after kids came along

I always have my phone with me when I jog
I use them for music and I use them for pictures
When I am not too exhausted, I share them on facebook

And over the months, I found myself with quite a collection
A collection of day break and sun rise from my morning run


On some days, when I am early enough, I catch a glorious sun rise


Other days, when it gets hazy, a silhouette like this reminds me of Monet’s work


There are days when I wake up late and the blazing sun makes my run almost unbearable


Once in a while, I see a lone rider resting after a night of fishing (I guess)


or a couple of cleaners that makes an interesting frame


or a sight like this that beckons a shot


Occasionally a storm brews


and a sailor contemplates whether to set sail


Other days I am too fickle and can’t decide whether to shoot the jetty, the tree or the break of dawn


Once a very blue moon, a ball of bleeding red rises and bathes the shore in light


and I watch on as a bunch of athletes start their race


I love weekend mornings
What about you ?



  1. littlebluebottle says:

    my hubby used to wake up before daybreak to train for his marathon…

    … I love solitude too. When I run at ECP I just love how the leaves of the trees make a nice dark lace pattern against the sky…

    • malmal says:

      thanks littlebluebottle for your comment
      now that I am running a bit…I still can’t imagine how anyone can complete a marathon !
      the human body is amazing, the human mind even more so !

    • malmal says:

      thanks Jus ! yes lucky me to get to jog by the beach…but sometime my imagination runs wild when the beach gets too deserted esp during late night and early morning 🙁

  2. Angie says:

    This collection of sunrise photos by the beach are really gorgeous…can almost feel the serenity that accompanied each scene…you write well and have been a source of inspiration. Keep writing!

    • malmal says:

      hey Angie thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I have to admit that words like these spur me on 🙂 thanks !

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