DIY Christmas Ornaments And A Rant

And I had to go crash my car into someone’s who was literally drinking milk when I mounted my first curb.

What luck.

He could almost call me mum and must be thinking that’s how all mums drive.

I don’t blame him, I am a sexist driver myself

and I shan’t go there


So it has to happen like now, as in the school holiday

when my redempttion for sanity is to head out (with the car)


I’ve tasted luxury and it has become a necessity



So we can’t go do Christmas shopping

and we can’t go get the tree

We are stuck …. at home

and I reckoned the next best alternative to saving my sanity

is to keep those hands busy


So we made Frosty, Rudy and Santa

And because we don’t want them to end up like us

We give them a car and a rocket

We could probably give them some toys and more

but first, we need more toilet paper rolls

Contribute ? Anyone ?



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  1. DinoMama says:

    Your Frosty, Rudy & Santa look so adorable. Using the mini pegs with lady bug on Rudy and drawing his mouth with a dot makes me think that he is wondering why there are lady bugs on his head.

    Thanks for linking up with our Advent Activities linky 🙂

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