Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Wreath

Recycled craft like this makes me happy

I made this the other day

A Christmas wreath made from used toilet paper rolls

A couple of weeks ago, I requested everyone I met to pass me their used toilet paper rolls

I told them I need them for Christmas, they thought I was kidding and weren’t very impressed

But they contributed anyway and within a couple of days, I collected more than what was needed


It’s pretty simple, took me a couple of hours on a rainy afternoon, mostly waiting for the glue to dry

I used a round baking tin, you can use anything round that suit the size you want

I made a total of 3 rings around it,  waited for each ring to dry before arranging the next ring

It might be easier to staple them as the one we glued gave way after a night of hanging on the wall and I fixed it with staples

You could spray paint the toilet paper rolls with your favourite Christmasy colours before working on them

but I like the orginal earthy colour and I decorated it with some paper flowers using my sons’ oragami paper

I can’t believe Christmas is just 1 week away and I am still busy churning out cookies and searching for recipes

Hope you are better prepared than me and here’s wishing you lots of love, joy and happiness this holiday season


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