Seasons Greetings

And I realised how my DSLR is  slowly becoming another white elephant in the house

I am so pampered by Instagram these days and the convenience of snapping pictures with my phone that I have totally neglected my bulky camera

Till when I needed to make an E-card

I couldn’t find a decent picture of the boys

Everything looks grainy, blur and out of focus

No choice

I had to interrupt movie time on late Christmas night and bribe the boys to pose for a picture

Of course they weren’t interested

I gave up asking them to sit next to the tree with their hats so there goes my picture perfect Christmasy shot

They jumped and climbed on the sofa

They rolled, they tumbled, they squashed each other

Then they hugged and kissed while I snapped vigourouly with my last bar of battery

and I mean last as in L-A-S-T

as the battery charger had  given up on us and the shops have stopped selling the particular model (I am frantically hunting for a replacement charger now)

I ended up with a bunch of imperfectly focused jaundiced looking kids


After spending hours sitting in front of the computer

I managed to turn them into decent looking greeting cards

(I could have stopped at 1 but I had so much fun ‘gimping’ around, which brings me to how a stay-at-home-mum can’t have it all)

Anyway,, greetings from our home to yours

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

(now I really need a break and rest my eyes but before that I need to go clear up the war zone)



(note : you can download these pretty digi kit from here)



  1. pc says:

    PRETTY! Pretty pictures and e-cards! (thanks for sharing the link, I was about to give up in hunting new digi-scrapbook elements and kits)

    MeRry Christmas and Happy New YeaR to everyone there;)!

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