Dear Mr Peter Jackson

My 8 year old watched The Hobbit and was a little disappointed that the story wasn’t exactly the same as what he read, so I got him to write a letter to the movie director

Dear Mr Jackson,

My name is Malcolm and I am 8 years old
The other day my Dad brought me and my brother to watch your movie, The Hobbit
We sat for 3 hours, ate popcorn and drank a lot of Coke
My brother was very tired so he fell asleep

The movie was very nice and I like it very much
But I was a bit disappointed that the movie was different from the book

FIrstly, Bilbo should have had his breakfast and should have been halfway through his second when he received the note from Gandalf. In your movie, he has not had his breakfast yet

It was Gandalf who tricked the trolls into fighting and not the trolls fighting without reason and there was no secret passage to Rivendell in the book

In the book, Saruman and Gandalf knew about the Necromancer of Mirkwood, and Gandalf even said that all the dwarves add up wouldn’t be able to defeat him

The goblins should have captured Bilbo along with the dwarves and Gandalf used his magic to kill the goblins instead of Bilbo managing to escape the goblins

In the book, Gandalf put out all the torches, summoned all the smoke to him, transformed it into a storm of sparks before unleashing it to kill all the goblins
Which was so different from the movie where the goblins just ran away

There are more but it is too difficult for me to put everything here

Finally your movie covered only the first 129 pages (of the 351 page book)
There should be a Part 2 and I can’t wait for it to come out

But please Mr Jackson, can you don’t make so much changes to Part 2 because the story is nice the way it is


~ Malcolm




  1. JG says:

    Ha, ha, ha! Did Malcolm really write this??
    Anyway, I enjoyed the movie but didn’t realise there’s so much difference from the book!!

    • malmal says:

      Hi JG, yes, it was him who listed out the differences … there is more but he said it was too complicated

      He dictated , I wrote, and I helped with the grammar and stuff…

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