Back On My Feet

So I have not been feeling 100% since the kids started holiday last year

My body always find the perfect time to go on a strike

at my favourite time of the year, beginning of all the merriment


After what seems like a long haitus, I am glad to be back to my weekend routine

It is good to be working the heart and to be drenched in my own sweat

To smell the morning and not feel like a choked up pipe

To be panting and breathless and knowing that I can still go on despite that

On Saturday the Runkeeper recorded 8.66 km and 432 calories

I FINALLY managed to take a picture of this sapling struggling to survive

It was a sunless morning, the sun too weak to break through the clouds

making a perfect backdrop which have otherwise been too glraing

Then on Sunday, I was in time to catch a brief sun rise, before it was engulfed by the thick overcast

The Runkeeper reported 9.98 km and 519 calories


I could have probably gotten fitter spending half the time doing circuits, someone said

Or burn the same amount of calories with half the effort cycling



I am just glad to be back on my feet, running, breathing and adding pictures to my weekend run collection


Note : More pictures from my weekend run




  1. DinoMama says:

    I would put on my running shoes if I have such a beautiful sight to see and fresh air to breath while running! Then again, I’m not a runner hahah~ Glad that you are feeling better and back to running!

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