Moderation, An Old Revelation

So my husband thinks that I have been doing too much and resting too little especially during the festive season which explains why I almost always fall sick at the same time of the year
I guess there is some truth in what he says and perhaps I should learn to slack off, do nothing and enjoy life (isn’t that what all stay-at-home mums do?)

Forget about the spring cleaning, the baking, the new year goodies
In fact, why spend money to feed our bodies junk ?
Even worse, why spend the time and effort making them ?

[Our pussy willow with recycled flowers from last year’s Christmas wreath because not everything needs to be new and built from scratch ]

So this year, we came to an agreement for me to just sit back, relax and chill
I was quite prepared to feed my guests nothing but nuts
My mum couldn’t quite believe it when I told her no Bak Kwa for me this year

Then the other day while we were out at our favourite restaurant, one which promises healthier food
They had come out with this whole range of ‘healthy’ Chinese New Year cookies which uses less and only unrefined sugar
I caved in to temptation and lugged home 2 bags, which is about 12 bottles, of cookies
I thought to myself even if I don’t eat them, my guests will
And now that I have bought them, I really needn’t bake them

That night, I lay in bed thinking what it’s gonna be like doing nothing for Chinese New Year
It was like having an itch that couldn’t be scratched
It was unnerving, unsettling and almost terrifying
Sitting back, relaxing and chilling is more difficult than I thought

It took me a long while to finally come to terms that life doesn’t need to be binary,
where not everything needs to be either 1 or 0, black or white, right or wrong
A belief that I have been obstinately holding on for the longest time

Moderation is the new revelation for me
Or should I say an old revelation that I am finally accepting
Because I realised that to be truly happy, I need to embrace it and find the balance

I made these the next day
Our favourite cornflake cookies with healthier ingredients such as raw sugar and unbleached flour
I am not baking a lot, I am baking just enough to make myself happy

I am learning and I guess Chinese New Year is a good start





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