Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is just round the corner
In less than 48 hours, we would be rushing from my husband’s side of the family to my side of the family ย having reunion dinner
We usually end up not being able to eat much during the second round

Then the annual gambling would begin with cards and mahjong tiles all decked out and Chinese New Year countdown TV show blasting in the background
We would pause whenever the fortune man appears, eager to find out our ‘fortune’ for the year
At close to midnight, the praying would begin
We would lay out food, sweets and burn ‘stuff’ for the dieties

Many of these things we don’t understand
but we have stopped questioning
There may never be a reason or explanation good enough for us
yet it is a tradition that we would partake every year

We want our kids to grow up remembering that Chinese New Year is a big fuss
We want them to know that this is how their Mum and Dad grew up celebrating Chinese New Year
That respect and belief don’t always come hand in hand
One can and should still respect even if they don’t believe
Perhaps this is how we think we could preserve our Chinese roots

I am really excited and looking forward to all the feasting and celebration
And I am insanely busy like every year
I thought I had it all planned out nicely this year
The spring cleaning started early
the cookies were baked early
the flowers were bought and dressed early
yet there are still more things to do at this very last minute

Talk about moderation
I guess it is like studying for an examination
One can never ‘be prepared’ enough, there is always more things to do

Yet despite all this bustle, I am feeling especially thankful
Knowing that while here I am, in the midst of all this busyness
there are those who are fighting for lives
and those who are mourning lost, oblivious to the festivities around

I remember last year exactly this day how my life came to a standstill
and how I desperately clung onto something I barely knew
A year had passed and here I am now, feeling hopeful and thankful with an unusual peace while I drafted this post

To those who are going through a difficult moment right now and especially to a couple of family members and friends

It’s a cliche but I believe it’s true
This too shall pass
Happy Lunar New Year






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