A Crafty Percy Jackson Birthday Party

Malcolm turns 9 today
We threw a Percy Jackson birthday party for him over the weekend
It was about the most elaborate party we had for him

Percy Jackson is a fictional character created by author Rick Riordan.
He is the son of Poseidon and the main character in the series Percy Jackson and the Olympians and his favourite colour is blue

It took us 2 weeks to prepare for the party, which includes testing out a blue cake recipe that didn’t work
And I was glad I went ahead and ordered the cake from Coffee Bean instead

It was stress free, fuss free and it tasted delicious
All I did was dressed it up with Poseidon’s trident and 2 beads carved with Malcolm’s favourite greek god’s symbol (the Trident and the Owl) using fondant

We wouldn’t have spent so much time preparing for the party if we could just go to a store and grab Percy Jackson party supplies
The fact is we couldn’t, so most of the party stuff were made using cardboard and recycled stuff
The kids had a lot of fun turning trash to craft

We made these invites for his friends in school a week before the party

The invites were printed out on normal A4 paper and coffee was brushed onto the paper to get the antique look
They were crushed,  crumpled and even torn to get the ‘aged’ look

How often do you get to trash something to get what you want
Even my 3 year old had fun making them

Then my husband and I spent the night before the party making a guest book tree
We drew out the tree on a white vanguard sheet and painted it

Each little guest who came printed their fingerprints with their favourite colour and we really love how it turned out

The party was held at Camp Half Blood aka BBQ pit at our place
In the book, it is a place where the demigods were trained to fight demons and monsters
We planned some games (ideas taken from the book) such as sword fighting, archery and shuttle runs

I wasn’t so sure about controlling a dozen of boys, having them do my bidding
So I prepared some craft just in case the games didn’t work out
I cut some head wreaths (just like those worn by Anceint Greek) for the girls using paper plates (they were supposed to glue and assemble themselves)
And shields for the boys using cardboard boxes and stapled rubberband handles to them

I would have spray paint the shields black if not for the fact that it is hell lot of work to do that for 30 shields
And I was glad I didn’t because my 9 year old was about the only one who like his shield black with gold paint

The girls who came along were siblings, because Malcolm’s guest list was ALL BOYS, and I was so thankful for the girls

They were the only ones who had the patience to sit under the shady tree on a hot afternoon designing shields
They made multi-coloured shields that were so pretty

The boys couldn’t be still for a minute and I couldn’t blame them because the weather wasn’t the kind that would make anyone want to just hang out outdoor
Thankfully, we were under a tree, beside a playground and right next to the pool
They were up the tree one moment and in the pool  the next
It was until much later that we finally managed to gather them for the games

We played shuttle runs where Zeus’s lightning bolt was passed but because it was too flimsily made (cardboard wrapped with aluminium foil), we ended up using pastic cups instead
Then we played Destroy The Cyclop where a bow and arrow (those suction cup type) was used to shoot the eye of a Cyclop (point allocation and drawing by Malcolm)

We didn’t have enough time for sword fighting but I think the kids had the most fun slaying Medusa

We made the pinata using 3 layers of newpaper mache (the hair was made using steel scrubber from Daiso) and I was so glad it could withstand the kids’ brutal trashing
In fact, most kids had at least 2 hits before the thing finally gave way

And finally apart from all the blue sweets and treats gathered from the pinata (remember to save some for the little ones who are too slow, I packed separate goodie bags for them)
Each little guest went home with a clay bead carved with a trident, just like the first bead Percy Jackson received from the camp
Well, almost




  1. Jasmine says:

    Love this post. So many things to love but I think I love the clay beads most. Also, I am now dying to read the book. Haha!
    p/s totally enjoyed those pics of the girl’s shields!

    • malmal says:

      hey jas, u know what, I haven’t read the book yet ! and I am glad malcolm is off to another adventure …. off to some Chinese Dragon this time. And for the beads, I bought this pack of inexpensive pottery clay a while back and was glad I finally get to use them ! no oven needed, just knead, mould and shape, even the kids can do it themselves.

  2. Zee says:

    This looks like an amazing party with so much love, thought and effort put into it! You’re so creative! And great pics too 🙂

    P/s the invites are so cool!

    • malmal says:

      hey Zee, thanks for your kind comment 🙂 I really love how the invites turn out too ! I had a lot of fun putting this party together, I guess it’s a good break from cooking, cleaning and washing 🙂

  3. Mummybean says:

    Such a lovely homemade party – the best kind! I’m determined that I will never hire a magician for my kids’ parties as I think these sort games are so much more fun! I love all the ideas!

    • malmal says:

      hey thanks Mummybean ! This is a really low budget kind of party, definitely cheaper than hiring an entertainer and I really love how this was like a mini project for the whole family to work on for the past weeks. More importantly, I think the kids learn that anything is possible, if you put your heart to it 🙂

    • malmal says:

      hey Adora ! Medusa was supposed to look scary ! but I worried how parents would react … I know my own mom wouldn’t be too pleased with a scary looking head hanging from a tree and having barbaric kids whacking it…. so I am glad to know Meudsa is cute. thank u 🙂

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