In The Stillness Of The Night

After having bade goodbye for more than 24 hours, my husband finally reached the other side of the globe
And it still amazes me how a day’s flight can transport one to a totally different world
With completely different climate, people, culture

It’s painful, just thinking about the journey
I really don’t enjoy long distance traveling
I hate how the recycled air in pressurized cabins dry my skin, making me age overnight

And I surprised myself having travelled back to the mountains for holidays not once but thrice over the last 2 years, each time swearing that it will be the last

Here’s his breakfast
His body clock must be screwed

It is night here
Quiet and still

It seldom gets this peaceful when he is around
He would be playing with the kids and they would read books till late

But today the little one crashed out as early as 7.30 pm
I must had worked him really hard

He scootered to and fro school which made him really happy
He is 3.5 years old
and he started swimming without a float

And I couldn’t believe how good he was
It just seemed so natural and effortless for him
He kicked and turned
He spinned and twisted
I was so impressed

Should I read, write, fold the mountain high clothes, chat long distance or just sleep ?

Time like this makes me nervous
Choices frustrate and stress me out
It doesn’t help when I am greedy and want it all
It is just so hard to choose

But tonight, we chatted
I folded the clothes
Made myself a cup of coffee
Read some news on the internet (though there are more books waiting to be read)
and finally composed this

It is good to feel accomplished
though I wish it happens more often
but things usually don’t work out so smoothly, with kids
I guess I just have learn to live better with my choice

It is past midnight now
and I ought to be turning in

It will be another long day tomorrow
A long week ahead
on our own
without him





  1. Stardust says:

    its a great feeling to accomplish what u set out to do, especially during times when your body is needing the rest. Good job! & Excellent post ; )

  2. June says:

    Love your writing, as usual. My hubby just left for his overseas reservist trip, and we’re all sorely missing him. I think my nights seem longer than usual too, but I try to spend it with the kids, reading, lying with them till they’re asleep, as if I need to make up for his absence. Silly of me, isn’t it? 🙂

    • malmal says:

      Hey June, thanks and I love your writing too 🙂 Same here, I spend more time with them when hubs not around. When he is around to take over, I have time for other things, without him, the focus is all on the kids, no spare capacity for anything else

  3. nic says:

    Hi Rachel…it has been such long time since I read blogs after number ‘s arrival! Your writing is still so good and succint, if not better! I totally love how you wrote about choices frustrate and how you were greedy to want them all…cos I relate to such situations…it makes me nervous too haha! All the best to your new adventure 🙂 nic (especiallyforwill, lest you can’t recall which ‘nic’)

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