Sorry Isn’t The Hardest Word

Life is a little bit crazy right now
I finally got down to the much dreaded
Packing and selling
We are moving, again

My husband received news about an overseas job posting a while back
If fact, we knew it since last year
and the inital plan was for us to leave mid last year
I sold my sofa, almost sold my bed
had our things wrapped, packed and sealed in boxes from the shipping company (that’s where all my cardboard for craft came from)

Then we were told we were not going

So for weeks, we lived in an almost empty house
and I thought we would just hang in there
who knows, we might be asked to pack up and leave anytime

Home wasn’t cozy like how I wanted it to be
It was bare

I finally bought a new sofa, some new book shelves and filled up the space
Doesn’t matter if we might be leaving in a few months’ time
I realised that life had to go on
And I wasn’t going to sit around and wait for the unknown

So I was nonchalant when we were told again that we should be leaving end of May
I went ahead with the things I wanted to do
An elaborate birthday party, a cycling race, an excursion
Friends were surprised and worried for me because I had done nothing for the move

I thought why stress myself early when I could stress myself later
And anyway nothing was for sure

But now with the air tickets booked
We are less than 3 weeks from our departure
I am finally facing this head on

We are packing and putting almost everything up for sale, albeit slowly

I was elated when my first sale went through
I was like, ‘Hey, this is easier than I thought’

The buyer came over and hauled what that was now rightfully theirs out of the door
A chair that we had unconsciously grown attached to
A sofa that had unknowingly become part of our lives

I felt pangs of reluctance
A tinge of sadness
An unwillingness to let go

It had been an emotional roller coaster ride for the last week
And I have come to realized that
‘Sorry’ isn’t the hardest word
‘Goodbye’ is





  1. lyn says:

    It IS hard. Especially as we get older. As we have children. And it’s no longer as easy to up and go. There are memories attached to everything!

    Take care as you embark on your next adventure!

    • malmal says:

      Hey thanks Lyn ! I am glad it’s only 2 years, can’t imagine any longer. It will be a good chance for the boys to see the world and I am looking forward to that.

  2. Rachel says:

    Have a smooth flight! I admire your courage and your strength to handle all these craziness with just 3 weeks left before you ride on to your next journey. You’ll be missed and just like how you have started missing your life here. I hope the boys are coping well with the goodbyes. Take care!

    • malmal says:

      Hey thanks so much Rachel ! I think I am just trying to contain the craziness to 3 weeks … I work better under stress…then again, I age faster too 🙂 I think the boys are handling the goodbyes better than me. Keep in touch!

  3. Agy (Agatha) says:

    All the best in your move. I’ve moved a few times too and although it’s difficult at first, it does get better! There will be new things to experience and learn. Take care!

  4. Jayne says:

    Even though we only met once very briefly, you feel like a dear friend. All the best for the move. It will be an exciting time. I am looking forward to hearing about your new adventures!

    • malmal says:

      Hey hey jayne, I would call u an old dear friend 🙂 We will have more chance to meet up when I come back , by then your kids will be older and hopefully more free time … meanwhile keep writing and keep shooting and keep in touch

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