Mother’s Day Toast

We were in the midst of packing and moving
There was barely space in the house to walk
and nobody was really interested in Mother’s Day, not the Dad, not the boys

So I was pleasantly surprised when I found a card in my 3 year old’s bag
He had made a Mother’s Day card for me in school

It was a yellow one tied with a red ribbon with gold trimming
He pasted little rectangular cardboard pieces around it and scribbled a portrait of me with big oogly eyes and short spikey hair (cos he couldn’t draw long hair)
Doesn’t matter if I looked more like Frankenstein mom
It was my first card from him and I couldn’t stop smiling

And thanks to preschool teachers, I get a nice card or a nice craft on special days
The elder brother who is in Primary school was too busy mugging for his mid year exam
But he too thought that the card was really nice

So I was busy making breakfast when he came in to shoo me out (the Dad was still snoring in bed, tired out from a night of packing)
Then I heard him rummaging through my pantry
intermittently calling out at me, reminding me not to barge in

Moment later, he scurried out of the kitchen with a slice of bread in hand
Before disappearing into the kitchen again and coming back with another slice
After a few rounds of dashing in and out, he was finally done

His little brother squealed with delight and excitement
He couldn’t wait
His hands were all over the toast

I quickly dished out a plate, arranged everything and snapped a few shots

These were so good you can even eat them on their own (sing it to Gardenia’s jingle)



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