My Favourite Hideout

It has been a week of endless sorting, packing and clearing
Each night I went to bed thinking that it was the last
Just to wake up to another day of madness again
It was like the scene in Groundhog Day, repeating the day again and again

Keep ? Sell ? Give ? or Throw ?
When this became a ceaseless cycle , it drained the most alert mind
leaving one comatose and drugged

I sat amongst piles of unsorted stuff, staring blankly, with little progress
When I finally broke out of it, I knew exactly what I should do

To drop everything and do as my heart desired

I found myself at my favourite hideout


where stumpy trees and tiny trail led to an enchanted garden

and I sneaked up to this, under the wispy pines where a commemoration waited to commence


and a ginormous tree guarded the gateway

I wondered off the beaten path, digging into unshaven shrubs

and found myself looking out at these tiny sails popping in and out the water, slowly drifting by


This place was beckoning me amidst the madness
And I was glad I came by for a good workout and to bid goodbye

I lugged home more memories to remember by
She’s so gonna be missed



More pictures of my favourite hideout here and here

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  1. Zee says:

    Love these pics Hai Fang. Bon voyage and do take care. Keep in touch and I’m looking forward to more posts from you still!

  2. Susan says:

    It’s see you soon and not just good bye from me. Wishing you and your family a very safe trip and keep in touch via Facebook. I’ll be popping back for more updates from you 🙂

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