Heylo Good Ol’ Friend

It was the first place we ran to
It was like seeing a good ol’ friend
Everything still looks the same

I used to love the red, especially when it said ‘Clearance’ or ‘Sales’
that made me go on a hysteric rampant shopping spree
Yet this time I was mindful
I am still repenting

So we badly needed something to drink
It took us 15 minutes to walk
Under the blazing sun, badly jet lagged
It was just across the hotel we were staying

And I remember why nobody walks here
Everything is near by car but far by foot

Everything is huge
The buildings, the parking lot, the houses, the food servings
even the windows in our hotel were humungous

It was different from where we came from
And it took some getting used to

Yet as I looked back my life for the past decade
This was where I spent some of my happiest days

And I finally figured out why
Because this place has what we don’t have back home

Land is wide
Space is in abundance
Even the sky looks bigger and bluer

And I think for once, I am on the side where the grass is greener





  1. Adora says:

    Wow beautiful photos! I didn’t know you were moving back to where you’d been. I thought it was a new place! Well, at least there is familiarity. And ps I love target too!

  2. lilsnooze says:

    Hi, hopped onto your blog and realised you are in USA too. I guess it’s not your first USA stay, it seems.
    I’m heading home in 2 months time!

    I love Target. 😉

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