Settling In

So here we are in Montgomery, capital of the State of Alabama
It isn’t the safest place to be, we were told (then again, no place on earth can be quite as safe as Singapore)
Its public school system isn’t quite the best in America
There are places where we wouldn’t want to hang out at especially with kids
And there are neighborhoods where many of us wouldn’t want to live in
And then there are the tornadoes that touch down annually in the vicinity
Sounds pretty scary to me

We arrived and for a week we lived in a hotel room with an antique red carpet, no kitchen and no living area
I squirmed every time the kids played on the floor
They would crawl on the carpet in their pajamas and then climb into bed
Here, nobody takes off their shoes at home, much less in a hotel room
You can imagine what lives in the carpet, and how they have now migrated into our bed

So there we were, 2 kids, 8 luggages, living in a cramped up hotel room for an unknown period of time
It was a good thing that we were so busy that we were out most of the time and only came back to the room after dinner
There were a couple of days when we were stuck in the room while the Dad ran errands
In times like those, the dollar bubble sword from Target was a life saver

Within a week, we ate more pizza and Popeye’s chicken than we had eaten in a year
I couldn’t imagine doing that for another week
I knew we had to find a place fast

It was like running against time
There weren’t many choices, especially when we need a place to stay urgently
Within a couple of days, we managed to arrange to view 3 houses
We narrowed our choices down to 2 and finally decided on the one in a safer neighbourhood

It was a red brick house with a chimney; one that reminded me of The 3 Little Pigs
Even so, I wasn’t sure as we signed on the dotted line

I felt that we should have spent more time hunting for that perfect place
Yet I know delaying any further would be stressful for everyone in the family

We met the owner of the place, a very nice retired African American couple
who cleaned the house so well that I was put to shame
I had to steal some tips from them on how to get the shine on the stainless steel faucets all round the house

We moved in on Sunday, a week after we arrived
This place is about 3 times the size of our house back home
And it feels even bigger when it is totally empty
I foresee myself becoming enslaved to this space, cleaning and mopping all the time
But I shall deal with that later

Meanwhile, the kids are loving the yard that is big enough for a soccer match
And they had been very curious about what went on behind those fences

As for myself
I went for my first jog on Monday morning at 6.30 am
Took this with my phone at 7.00 am
Reached home safe

Okay, I think it isn’t too difficult to like this place






  1. Nerdymum says:

    wow! amazing place to start calling home.
    gardens (ok yards since its so huge) are great for kids esp boys!!

    love thw photo of them at fence

  2. Susan says:

    It’s when we are far from home that we appreciate what we take for granted here. Enjoy what life has to offer in a foreign land and perhaps you’ll grow to love it. Love the sights that you get on your morning run. Glad to hear you’ve settled somewhat and the family is well.

    • malmal says:

      Hey Susan, thanks for the reminder 🙂 I thought I would miss my morning runs in Spore, looks like my worry is unfounded. It’s as lovely here as well, though I have to say, Spore is a much safer place to jog, anytime.

  3. Zee says:

    Glad you guys found a place to settle down in. Looks like a pretty neighbourhood to me. Do give us a little “tour” of your home once you’ve settled down! In the meantime, do take care!

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