Living With Space

It’s been a week since we moved into our new home
But our place remains unfurnished
The 2 living halls are bare and empty
We do have beds to sleep on but without bedframes

I thought there was no real rush to dress up the space
It could be just a matter of parting with our money at a furniture store
Or we could have fun hunting for the right stuff

It’s summer break and school is out
I had checked out some summer camps here but wasn’t too impressed with what I saw
and thus decided not to dump the kids there
So the kids are stuck with me most days at home

Here’s them in the backyard, planning a water pistol shootout

We haven’t gotten a TV and they haven’t been playing the iPad
They have their Lego Duplo from back home though and lots of space both indoors and outdoors

Initially they just ran around the house playing catch
Then they started playing hide and seek at night, in complete darkness, with just the light from the new torches that I bought for them
With a couple of dollar water pistols they had a great shoot out in the backyard

The neighbours hit over some balls the other day while we were out
An old bat managed to make its way into our backyard as well
Don’t ask me how, but the kids had a chance to try out a favorite American sport

Few days ago, they started learning how to fold the best paper planes and started flying them around
They tried throwing them at the ceiling fan in the empty hall
The planes were sent flying around like rockets and I thought it was pretty cool

Then they took the planes to the backyard and one got stuck in the neighbour’s tree
They spent some time trying to figure out how to get the plane down

Boredom is the devil’s playground
Or Necessity is the mother of all invention

Whichever the case, it was heartening to see them inventing their own games out of boredom
I was tempted to leave the house empty as it was and wasn’t eager to have the cable guy in

Then last Saturday, I went to my first yard sale around the neighbourhood
Boy, I was glad

I had almost forgotten how much fun it was
The thrill and excitement of seeing an open garage strewn with things

I swerved the car towards where the commotion was, stepped on the accelerator, eye balled the perfect slot to illegal park, zoomed in and the hunt began

In less than an hour, I lugged home
a Britax Roundabout car seat at 10 bucks (the exact same model as the one we are using but newer)
2 almost brand new outdoor chairs at 7 bucks
and a set of soccer goal posts at a dollar

The kids were happy, the Dad was happy, I was happy

I am thinking now, perhaps I should just fill up the house with ‘junk’ from someone else’s yard
And test out the truth behind Thomas Edison’s wisdom
‘To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk’

Living with space or filling with junk
Whichever way, I think it’s gonna be fun




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