National Day In An Old School Bag

It was the eve of our country’s birthday

And while everyone back home was counting down to a long weekend and a great celebration, we were halfway around the world getting ready for a new school term

Unlike back home, over here a new school year starts in August

Despite the madness of getting ready for school, from ticking off items in the school supply list to coming up with a weekly lunch schedule, I thought we should really party and have fun like everyone else back home

So we went ahead to plan for a party at our place for our Nation’s birthday

We made a banner using cut out paper and felt bought at Walmart’s clearance rack

And we baked some patriotic cookies to match my patriotic t-shirt which made someone really happy to have it for breakfast

I thought we did a pretty decent job dressing up our house in red and white

We had 20 adults and 7 kids

It was a pot luck party and we ate food from different countries but mainly Singapore as the number of Singaporeans outnumbered other nationalities

It was fun but I remember it wasn’t this tiring organizing a party like this a few years back

After the guests had left, and after having mopped every corner of the house and washed all the dishes in the sink

I sat down and went through my elder boy’s school bag to see what he had brought back from school that day

From the front pocket of his old and worn backpack (one that he refused to throw away)

Amongst the old knick knacks he had collected

An old monster bookmark I made for him some time back, a paper sleeve bearing our hotel room number in Washington D.C., some tickets from our recent trips at Orlando Sea World, I found this

A shrink bookmark he made at a craft cafe just before we left Singapore

On it he wrote ‘I love SG. Singapore is where we belong’ and he drew us


While I worried about my boys not recognizing our national flag after 2 years, I think my 9 year old had it all figured out





  1. Angie.S says:

    What an awesome party you had thrown and what a great way to celebrate the fact that no matter where you go, you will always be a part of Singapore! Sending warm thoughts to you from home and wishing the boys a great school year ahead!

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