Jogging has always been a personal affair

Sometimes, it’s quiet, where all I hear is the rhythm of my own breath
Other times, it’s noisy, where loud music from my phone blasts in my ear

It is good for a change to drown in the surrounding sights instead of chatters from everywhere
It is where I discovered the little voice in me that whispers but not speak

It is like this space, self induglent, mostly
A space that you thought wouldn’t mean a thing to anyone because it is uniquely yours

Recently I get to know a bunch of mothers from differnt parts of the world
Some with school going kids, some still bogged down by tottering toddlers

There were swimming coach, policewoman, physiotherapist, military mom
Different suits they wore but for now, they are just so-and-so’s moms

Some are not used to it, some are struggling with it
I wasn’t surprised because minding kids is hard work
and minding kids is serious business

So we somehow got to the topic of jogging
And I found out that I wasn’t the only one who turned to jogging

One of them does it after she drops the kids off at school
One does it with her toddler in the jogger when her 2 older kids are in school
One sneaks out when the husband gets home to take over the kids

And they all do it like me, alone, by themselves

One likes to enjoy the view when she runs
One just needs a workout
One likes being alone, just so that her thoughts could wander

I realised my experience wasn’t that unique after all
Despite our different background, we are quite similar

Strip off our nationality, race, culture, religion, belief and the ‘suits’ that we wear
We are pretty much the same

And this touches and warms my heart as it brings me to what I always believe in, that differences separate and create wars. Humanity thrives when we focus on what makes us the same
The world will probably be a better place if we focus on the things that brings us together than the differences that tear us apart

Anyway, I’ve agreed to jog with one of my new friend
which essentially is a big deal for me
because it’s like opening up my private space and letting someone comes in

She is a swimming coach and used to do triathlon (I wouldn’t agree to run with her if I found out earlier !)

Last week, she showed me a new running route and we did a 45 minutes run which almost killed me cos she was blabbering non stop which means I had to talk as well (I NEVER talk when I run !) and we were going at 5% faster than my usual speed

I surprised myself cos I have never pushed myself this hard
She’s obviously fitter than me and I am nervous just thinking about our run tomorrow
I am just keeping my fingers crossed and hope that I can keep up with her



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  1. Susan says:

    Erm talking and jogging are no no for me too 😛 I wish you luck with your new jogging partner.

    This is a good reminder for me to reclaim my ME time again. A bout of flu has kept me from running for two weeks and I do need to get my heart pumping again. By the way, I love your new jogging view. Keep it up. Jia you, jia you!

    • malmal says:

      thanks Susan ! luck is needed, training and perseverance is needed too ! ha. Hope you get better soon, so you can hit the track !let’s jia you together ! P/s : I miss my jogging view back home 🙂

  2. Mummybean says:

    I used to be a school runner, though you wouldn’t know that if you see me now! I loved to run, but just haven’t for a long time. This had made me think I should pick it up again soon. Something to do, for me.

    • malmal says:

      oh wow! school runner ! that’s a big thing to me. I ever excel in sports, esp running long distance. I was that frail and unfit one. I bet you have great potential to be a great rnnner… still, no kidding 🙂

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