The Happiest Run

Last Saturday, I took part in the most colorful run, the ColorVibe Run
Apparently it is a version of the more popular ColorRun which couldn’t make it to this part of the country that I am in now
This one partnered with our local charity and non-profit organization for the event

A group of us, all mothers, stranded in this part of the world because of our husbands’ job
Some of them are taking a break from their career back home, some are like me, a stay at home mom since forever

Our day revolves round kids, cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring, more cleaning and more cooking
We try to throw in shopping, coffee, a hobby and self maintaninence
but is not often possible especially if the kids are before school going age

Time is a luxury and self maintenance doesn’t equate to spending an afternoon at the hair salon or spa
It has to be something efficient, effective and preferably low budget

Coincidentally we all found jogging
It makes us happy, keeps us in shape and best of all, it’s free

Some, like me, discovered it since they became a mom
Others, still doing it with a toddler strapped in a jogger

A couple of them are trying to get back on track, after milking the young for the last 6 months
then again, those who were already on track, never seem to get better
Maybe because there has never been a need to get better

Then we heard about the run which could probably a motivation for us to be better
We signed ourselves up and called ourselves, MomsDayOut
because mom does need a day out

On a Saturday morning, we dumped the kids with the Dad
Squeezed into a minivan, which by the way, is our trademark, because all of us drive one of this
Unexciting, uninteresting and clumpsy machine
which really doesn’t define us

And sometimes that’s the scary thing about being a mom
We forget who we are, what we aspire to be
We take care of everyone else except ourselves

Yet there is also the wonderful part of finding ourselves and knowing who we really are
It’s complex and it can be surreal

Some had found it, some had forgotten it, some still figuring out

But the group of us
different in many ways
yet so alike at a deeper level

6 countries, mix of cultures, multiples colours, all moms, 1 goal
We signed up to have fun

And we did

photo credit to my Israelis friend

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  1. Lyn lee says:

    It sounds like you had such a fantastic time!

    Yes, agree with so many of your points above. There is always this tension – being a mum defines so much of who we are now, yet it is not the All, we know it’s not all that we were in our past, and we would do well to remember that this will not be all we are in the future.

    Thanks for making me think through this too, how we need to embrace this season, yet hold it at arm’s length.

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