My Pig’s Intestine Christmas Wreath

The other day, I was invited to an American friend’s house for crafting
I was elated to find out that we were learning to make a burlap wreath

We spent a couple of hours in the morning chatting, snacking and weaving burlap through a ring
I figured out how to make a bow and completed my very first homemade wreath

I took a picture and proudly sent it to my mum
She replied shorty that what I had resembled a pig’s intestine

She did have a point
With its colour and the curls and waves
I thought it lacked the Christmasy look

But I couldn’t exactly figure out what was missing
I consoled myself that my mum probably never seen a burlap wreath before
I spent the next couple of days thinking of a way to make my ‘pig intestine’ wreath look less piggy

I went for a run the next morning and came home with this

I felt like a little girl gathering ‘treasure’ for her treasure trove
A friend who drove past the neighborhood saw me in action and sent me a text message
‘I saw you picking grass !’
I must have looked like that weird Asian girl doing strange things

I came back with some mosses, which could be found hanging on most trees here and some dried fruits and pine needles

I painted the dried fruits

Bundled them up using the pine needles (I almost thought I could rub some rocks and start a fire)

I coiled the mosses around the pig’s intestines
Secured everything to it and hung a few snow flakes

And had it back onto my front door
I thought it looked pretty neat

But I hesitated before sending a picture to my mom
because I needed to be prepared in case what I got was a
‘Hey ! that looks like a bird’s nest !’

And I wonder why some adults never grow past approval seeking


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  1. Jasmine says:

    It’s gorgeous! Love the folds. I am sure it couldn’t have been easy getting it to look as you did. I liked the first look but the second look was a very nice update. I wish I had a wreath on my front door like yours 🙂

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