‘Twas The Day Before Christmas

And we are at Lake Tahoe up in the Sierra Nevada mountain range
It’s a beautiful alpine lake which my husband and I had visited some 20 years ago

This time we are back with 2 kids to ride on the powdery snowed out mountains
And I am beginning to see why this is the best thing to do during winter
We will be hanging around till Christmas

Back home, the wet and cool weather during this time always reminds me of a white Christmas
So it is kind of a dream come true because this time we are truly having a white and very cold Christmas
Yet, there is a part of me that misses the kind of Christmas we have back home

December, my favourite month of the year
Orchard Road will be lit up with beautiful christmassy lights where Christmas songs are played in every shopping malls
And it always puts me in a mood of wanting to bake something yummy and craft something pretty and dress the house up in christmassy colours and decorations

Usually my side of the family would gather for simple home cooked meal
Christmas is about spending time with our loved ones
Being in a faraway land, living in a space that is not exactly ours and only for a temporary period of time puts me in a dilemma on how much we want to do for Christmas

But I couldn’t stop once I got into the groove

We put up more decorations for the house with scraps from our ‘treasure box’
This time, I ditched the paint brush and went for the spray can

We decorated our fireplace with fallen sticks, pine cone, moss and dried fruit around our neighbourhood

And we decorated another little tree branch

I got into this baking frenzy (again) and baked a few batches of cookies
I tried to decorate the plain ones but they didn’t turn out as nice as I would want them to be

Thankfully I found these Martha Stewart cookie boxes from the craft store and fell in love with them
They were sheets of cardboard with pre-creased lines so I could easily fold them into cute little boxes for the cookies
They came with sleeves for the boxes, ribbons and labels

These, with some simple cards, turned my otherwise ordinary home baked cookies into lovely gifts

I had some ladies over at my place the other day for crafts
I baked some chicken drumsticks and put together some fruits and snacks
And we had an early Christmas celebration

Because we are traveling during Christmas
We let the boys open their Christmas presents early
We ended up with some pretty decent shots fit for e-greetings

So here’s greetings from our home to yours
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas !



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