Heading West

It has been my wish to show my preschooler the places we had visited with his elder brother before he was born.

So after Lake Tahoe, we headed west because west has some of our fondest memories. We drove 3 hours to San Francisco

We stopped over at Sacramento for some scrumptious dim sum at New Canton Restaurant. If you haven’t realised by now, my boys love and miss this Hong Kong cuisine and everywhere we go, we try to hunt for them and the one we had here was totally satisfying.

With numerous road trips under our belt, a 3 hours drive these days is a piece of cake. The kids ate, slept and played games. We only stopped when someone needs to pee.

San Francisco, a picturesque charming city with much iconic landmarks. We didn’t have an itenerary but we did the touristy stuff

We walked the crookedest street, we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, we visited the sea lions that seem to have found permanent residency at Pier 39

[edited] We found the best place for clam chowder and clam linguini at Prompei’s Grotto and we ate the worst one at Swiss Louis Italian and Seafood

We chose the latter because of its breathtaking view of the sea lions and sun set but the food turned out dismaying.

My grilled grouper turned out to be a pan fried tilapia filet. I had to ask them to recook my fish, which they did and took out all the funny crunchy sprinkles that reeked of recycled oil. But they didn’t change the fish. I have to admit, I was expecting a fresh from the sea grouper (since we were near to Fisherman’s Wharf) and not a farmed tilapia fillet ! [edited]

We walked the narrow streets at Chinatown, which was like Singapore in the 80s  hoping to find some good food but proved to be in vain.

We did find an old bakery, Good Mong Kok bakery, that sells the best Lao Po Bing and takeaway dim sum.

To begin with, I am not even a Lao Po Bing fan, but the ones there were freshly baked, flaky and golden brown on the outside, soft and chewy at the inside. They were fresh from the oven and were still warm. It was heavenly.

We ventured north of the Golden Gate Bridge and found a cafe in the quaint town of Sausalito which reminded us of Cinque Terre, the rustic old town bordering the Mediterranean Sea. They sell freshly baked cookies and healthy sandwiches served with fresh fruits salad or oven roasted vege and best of all, the baker was there to serve you freshly brewed coffee.

On the last day, we drove to Silicon Valley and that was perhaps the most exciting part for me.

We visited Facebook and Google. (I have to admit that was more for me)

I was  a little girl in Disney World

Unfortunately, we could only hang around the campuses because they were business premises. But even then, just being near these techie geeks who had revolutionalised the world excites me.

Knowing that they live in my era and their names and contribution will go down in history inspire me and I left the place feeling somewhat emotional.

P/S : oh and of course, my husband had to introduce to the boys his FAVOURITEST burger !

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