Driving Inland To Sin City

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After spending more days than we planned to at the bay area, we drove inland towards Las Vegas, where we thought was the best replica of Orchard Road.

Yes, we missed the lights and buzz in Orchard Road

During my first trip to the States in 1994, we went on a short vacation during Christmas and boy, was it depressing.

Everything was closed and there was barely a soul on the streets
It was silent night, literally.

That wasn’t how Christmas looked like where we came from where consumerism thrived during holiday seasons.

A few years ago, when we were living in hot desert Arizona, the closest decent city to us was Las Vegas and we flocked there whenever we got the chance.

Strange as it may sound, it wasn’t the booze or the casinos that brought us there.
In fact, we almost never stepped foot in a casino, much less party at night
The biggest attraction for us there was food.

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We were there for dim sum and food that reminded us of home.
We had Nasi Lemak, Char Kuey Teow, Laksa and Satay and I concluded that craving could only be understood when deprived.

We had dim sum at Orchids Garden. If you are as desperate as us, you can probably try out Chang’s Cuisine, Cathay House  and Ping Pang Pong as well.

Joyful House served very good and authentic Chinese food which made us went back for more.

We had our Char Kuey Teow at Island Malaysian Cuisine but the standard seemed to have dropped and the food at Satay Thai Bistro & Bar was dismaying. They served Americanised asian dish that was far from authentic.

Apart from food, we walked the Vegas Strip and checked out free shows such as the fountain show and indoor exhibit at Bellagiothe pirate show at Treasure Island. We used to visit the lions at MGM Grand but they no longer had the lions with them.

And there was this inane compulsion to visit M&M’s World when we were there. We hardly eat them at home but we visited the place to complete the things we did with our elder boy and each of them walked out of the store with a bag of M&M filled with their favourite colours.

So mostly for old time’s sake, we hit the road, drove 8 hours, past the Aircraft Boneyard in Mojave Desert, the Joshua trees and caught the last sunset of 2013.

During the long drive, I made a video to bid goodbye to 2013 and say hello to 2014.


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