And You Turned 10

So you celebrated your 10th birthday
with personalised videos for one and all
from the very first picture shared to the most liked pictures that they had
and you plugged in for everyone the best music ever
pulsating at every photos that flashed through
climaxing at the perfect time
delivering goose bumps as I watched

I have to say that you outdid your subsidiary as well as your arch rival
didn’t matter that you were a little late
neither did it matter that you lacked originality
judging from my newsfeed flooded with my friends’ videos
your effort was well received

It’s been more than half a decade
and things haven’t quite changed 
In an estranged relationship we remain

Perhaps I should be consoled that I am not alone
Neither are you the only culprit
they all blame it on what now known as social media

So I wasn’t impressed with all the controversies surrounding your founding
Neither was I impressed with how the unceremonious exit of your co-founder became the central plot of an award winning Hollywood movie

So who’s the villain who’s the saint
perhaps the truth will never see the light
like the you we’ll never know

And it’s kind of scary
to let someone whom we know so vaguely take over our lives
yet to opt out might mean losing out on the latest gossip in town

how much should one share
how much should one keep
how much privacy to maintain is a daily dilemma

Like a tool you are
You serve or you wreck
The least we ask is that fate be restored in our own hands
So mess with our privacy settings you shall not

And I hope you know you should be better than that
Even all you really care was building dreams that took off from a college dorm
and reaping profit from senseless fans

photo (43)

PS :
I thought I’d let you know
that your 10th Anniversary video was a shabby job done
Delete a photo or 2
and your program crumbled
You had algorithm that didn’t quite work
Most liked posts ? You sure ?
I don’t think so

I have to admit
that I was expecting something more
And would definitely appreciate a little more effort and thought
from an giant like you


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