Last Chance To Catch The Snow

I am writing this at 38,000 feet in the air. We managed to catch our flight.

We decided to take advantage of the Presidents’ Day long weekend, took the kids out from school and headed for the mountains. We reckoned this would probably be the last chance for us to catch some snow before we head home in May.

A severe storm warning was issued for the period that we were supposed to travel.
A couple of weeks ago, a blizzard with sleet and snow crippled the city we were in.

Roads were closed because there weren’t enough machines to de-ice the highways, power was down because exposed power cables iced up, became brittle and broke under its own weight. Without power, some household went without heating for a day or two.

Schools were closed and people rushed to stock up on groceries because nobody knew how long they would be stuck at home.

So when we found out that a similar storm was heading our way last night, it totally dampened my spirit. All I could think of was the blizzard, the sleet and the ice. And all I really wanted was to stay home. But we didn’t, we couldn’t bear to let the money we had paid go to waste.

So we did the unthinkable.  We set off in the predawn hours, heading right into the storm.

The roads were wet, the rain was heavy but there was no sleet and no ice.
2 hours later, we arrived at the airport ahead of the impending winter storm.
It was great, we caught the plane but in our rush, we forgot Marcus’s carseat.

No big deal, we could get  a replacement at the friendly mega store.
We did our 1 week groceries, rented our skis and had dinner.
It was late and finally, we were heading up the mountains to the rental apartment
only to get stuck in the snow about a hundred metres away from our final destination

Apparently, the blizzard that we managed to avoid had already done its work here two days ago, dumping a few feet of fresh snow and clogging up the roads.

So we had to drag our luggages up the slippery ice to our apartment while figuring out how to unstuck the vehicle
Apparently, two wheel drive vehicles, mountains and snow don’t mix that well.

In the end, we managed to unstuck ourselves from the quagmire, and blew another fortune on a rental SUV.

photo 5 (8)

So welcome to Salt Lake City and let’s hope that this eventful first day isn’t a sign of more ‘adventure’ to come.


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