D is for Darth Vader and Y is for Yoda

My 4 year old will probably tell you that if you ask him what is D for and what is Y.

About a year ago back in Singapore, my 9 year old picked up his first book on Star Wars.
It was during one of our weekly hangout at our favourite coffee joint with a Times bookstore located right next to it.

The boys would flip through books in the bookstore while my husband and I enjoyed our coffee.
Because it was a small bookstore with only a few books on Star Wars, Malcolm soon finished reading everything he wanted to read.
And after a couple of failed attempt to locate the full series in the library, he sort of gave up andĀ divert his attention to greek gods then.

It was not until recently, when my husband, hooked on online shopping, bought the whole set of Star Wars DVD that the kids got to watch through all 6 episodes that their craze for this sci-fi classic got ignited and since then, play has never been the same.

they carry their light saber everywhere they go, even when we went on holiday … they whipped it out while at the baggage claim area

and while waiting for our rental car.

Some travellers find them amusing, some probably find them annoying.
You guess it right, they had light saber in their hand carry.
They play with their light saber every single day.

In flight entertainment has never been the same.
During our 5 hour flight from Salt Lake City, Malcolm made this, a Star Wars Guide.

Then recently he discovered the Piano Guys’ Cello Wars Light Saber Duel andĀ Scratch, a programming language mostly for kids.
And he wrote a program … Cat Wars Light Saber Duel ! Eeeeeks !
*caution* If watching the program makes your head spins like mine, just close your eyes and enjoy the music !

And judging from how some of my guy friends are still crazy about Star Wars at my age, I don’t think this is going to end soon.

Note : For the program, click on green flag to start and red octagon button to stop
Use Left and Right keys to change speed of spinning
Use Up key to hide the cats
Use SpaceBar to banish the cats into a corner
Use A to change the size of the cat to 150%

Instructions above are provided by Malcolm (don’t ask me how or why !)
Music Credit : The Piano Guys


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