After Book 1 Of LOTR

They were still crazy over Star Wars and we were trying to search for Star Wars books but found out that George Lucas only wrote ideas for the film but not any of the novels that came after.

Unlike other great movies such as Lord of The Ring and Harry Potter, Star Wars was not made from existing books. George Lucas never had 6 scripts sitting there on his desk to be made into movies. All he had was his story outline that he evolved into the scripts for the 6 movies.

So there was essentially no great literary Star Wars fiction book before the movies came out.

Then last week, Malcolm came back from school with a torn and tattered book. It was a 2nd edition of The Fellowship of The Ring he found in his school’s library.

I was surprised he did because I remember him hiding his face behind cushions during most part of the movie when we watched it a couple of years back. But I guess not having find any great books on Star Wars had made him desperate enough to pick up Lord of The Ring.

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Since then, he had been either burying his head in the book or watching the movie on DVD. Then a few days ago, he came to me with this long list of inconsistencies, and it really reminded me of the time when he watched The Hobbit

1. in the movie, the dragon fireworks was launched by Mary and Pinpin,but in the book it was Gandalf that did it as a signal for supper.

2. in the movie, Frodo left right after Bilbo did, in the book it was 17 years later that Frodo left.

3. they skipped 3 chapters of the story on their adventure to the Prancing Pony.

4. in the movie, there was no Tom Bomberdil, in the book he was an immortal who helped the Hobbits to speed up their journey to the Prancing Pony.

5. in the movie, Gandalf went to Helms Deep but in the book he did not.

6. in the movie Gandalf and Sauroman fought at Isengard, in the book they did not.

7. in the movie Gandalf did not meet Radagast, the brown, in the book he did and it was Radagast who told him that Sauroman would hlep him.

8. in the book, Aragon was referred to as Strider.

9. in the book, the Hobbits did not trust Aragon until Gandalf sent a message via a person named, Butterbur to tell them to trust him.

10. in the movie, Aragon’s sword was not broken but in the book, he carried a broken sword around because it was a heirloom passed down from thousands of years ago.

11. in the movie, Elrond was there when Frodo woke up after being stabbed by a mogul blade, in book, he was not there.

12. in the movie, Gimli tried to destroy the ring with a hammer, in the book, he didn’t.

13. in the book the entrance to Moria was invisible.

14. in the book to stop the Balrog Gandalf said “you shall not pass” 3 times, in the movie, he only said it once.

15. in the book Gandalf broke his staff when he was stopping Balrog.

16. in the book Gollum was following the company.

17. in the book there was no battle at the end with the orcs

18. in the book Boromir did not die.

19. in the movie they shortend the peacful parts and added more violent parts and made the violent parts longer.

20. in the movie they skipped the first meeting wth elves

This list continues but the bottom line was that he enjoyed the book more than the movie as it was less violent.

With this and The Hobbit, I wonder whether he will ever watch a Peter Jackson’s movie again.



  1. San says:

    I enjoyed the book much much more than the movie myself too – but this list is pretty comprehensive. Good comparison! I am so so impressed lol!

  2. Deborah says:

    good list! I see some inconsistencies though: In the movie, Gollum IS following the Fellowship but you only see his eyes. In the book, Boromir DOES die, exactly as portrayed in the movie (except more painfully). In the movie, Aragorn was fighting with the broken sword which is same as in the book.

    • malmal says:

      hey Deborah,
      In the book Gollum only follow the fellowship into the mines of Moria but did not follow the fellowship into the river. The book Boromir only died in the second book (he wrote this after reading first book), in the first book, Aragon’s sword was reforged in Rivendal but in the movie it was not until 3rd episode that it was reforged

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