A Pictorial Of Our Weekend

photo (90)
Woke up to this beautiful sight. Some said they are dogwood, some said they might be almond blossom like the ones Van Gogh painted. I am still trying to find out.

photo 5 (9)
Went to a cultural event, where the adults pigged out and the kids hung out having fun talking about poo .. oh well, boys !

photo 1 (28)
Headed for the Big Red Barn but too much of the poo talk made us missed the carnival

Sunday morning was wet and perfect for snuggling up with Dad who had just came home.

photo 1 (29)
The weather cleared up during noon, so we headed out for lunch. On the way home, we spotted a lovely sight, so we pulled over the car for this.

It was St Patrick’s week  and my 4 year old learned a great deal in school and we learned a great deal from him. He told us about ‘shamrock’, which is essentially the Irish word for ‘young clover’. It is a type of weed that usually has  3 leaves. If you ever find one that has 4 leaves, it would bring you good luck.

We came home and had the best doughnuts for tea, the Krispy Kreme kind that melts in your mouth,  and Dunkin Donut just can’t beat.

photo 4 (16)
So it was our 11th wedding anniversary and instead of 2 new rings, we bought ourselves 4 new ones. The little one helped the Dad put everything together while his elder brother busied himself with some secret mission.

We later found out that he was working on a video for us, compiling pictures downloaded from this blog, completed with our wedding march in song. He can be this sweet !

photo 2 (27)
And of course, we had to have a family portrait on this special day.

It was a quiet sort of happy day.




  1. Adora says:

    what a beautiful wedding anniversary present!!! love your pictures as always. and of course, poo, what a universal topic that transcends all cultral barriers 🙂

  2. Cherry says:

    awww, your son is so sweet and thoughtful! i love the family portrait! very creative. looks like you had a wonderful anniversary celebration. 🙂

    visiting from SMB,

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