Toy Story

This is my preschooler with his favourite toys.

His elder brother would probably be in the picture if he was at home when I took this picture.

These Duplos were the only toys they had when we moved over to the States 10 months ago and his elder brother played with them since he was 2.

Because they were their only toys, they had to find new ways to play with them.

They played Minecraft, building zombies and houses.

They built futuristic planes, weapons, bazooka and night vision googles.

They built things we never knew existed and they held web conferences with my family back home to narrate the stories behind their creation.

photo 2 (33)
And I have to admit that I was the one having the hardest time, resisting the temptation of Lego sales at Target

But last month I relented and I bought them new Legos, that is, after 9 months of playing with Duplos.

It was liberation for me, to be finally coming out of sales detox ! yeah !

The boys were thrilled with their new Lego, they stayed up late and woke up early to get their new Lego set fixed.

photo 2 (32)
Because it took them so long to complete the set, they are often reluctant to dismantle it once it’s fixed.

Yet, the creative part about playing with Lego is to deconstruct reality and create one’s own vision of that reality

The Lego blocks are just an extension of the builder’s imagination, an expression of his creativity

So unless one doesn’t give a hoot about wrecking what had been painstakingly built, playing with the nice expensive Lego sets doesn’t really foster real creativity and imagination

With all these Lego box sets, creativity stops at the Lego designer’s table where all these fanciful design and themes are churned out.

I have to confess that I used to be the one who was anal about taking care of the built up Lego sets, which means that they were only good for one thing, display.

And since my boys still couldn’t bear to wreck what they had painstakingly built, they ended up going back to playing with their Duplos .

And they are happy doing that.

photo 1 (32)
Today they are a wacky duo on a secret mission.

I think I just lost one reason to go shopping.


P/s : This post was inspired by Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti’s Toy Story

Do you have a toy story to share ?




  1. Ai Sakura says:

    Gosh has it been 10 months already??! Time sure flies.. my girl loves to play with her Duplo set too. She’s fine with wreaking her creations so it’s nice to see her create new stuff from her imagination 😛

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Pamela Tan says:

    Loved this post! Love how innovative they are with their blocks. Yes, that’s my main gripe about Lego, they’re little more than 3D puzzles these days. Just buy a jumbo box of blocks or those that come with a whole booklet of possible creations rather than a themed one that has so many specialised parts that you can’t really build other stuff out of those parts.

  3. Susan Koh says:

    I love this post too Hai Fang. Sophie enjoys her legs but truth be told, I think her daddy enjoys it even more than her. I shall ask her what are her favourite toys and tell a story on the blog too.

  4. Corsage @ A Dollop Of Me says:

    Love this post, and esp the last pic! I have the same gripe about Lego too! I have only bought non-set Legos and Duplos for my children but they have been gifted a nice set or two which they now take apart and dump all into one box. But I think building a set by following instructions is a good skill to learn too. just that it is a pity that it will likely be done only once or twice!

  5. Adora says:

    this is so fun!! my girls love duplo too but we’re not really lego fans. maybe because the baby is still only 2 (2!!!) and i don’t want to risk her putting the itty bitty blocks in her mouth.

    i love the pics, Hai Fang!!! now let me think of my own toy story. hmm.

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