A Hectic Month

We are back in Singapore and the first thing we did after we landed at 1am on a Monday morning was to lug 8 luggages, board the sky train and head over to Toastbox for these.

And we spent the next one week combing through every foodstore in hawker centres.

It has been a hectic month and I haven’t sat down to write a proper post since like forever.
Ok I exaggerated, it was a couple of weeks but it felt like forever. I guess that’s a sign that I do enjoy writing in this space.

The busyness started more than a month ago when the whole relocation madness began.
The fact that our stay in the States was cut short by a year threw all plans into disarray.
From selling and getting rid of almost everything we had in the States to resetting up everything here again.
From house to car to furniture. We decided to bring the sunshine back with us!

It was complete madness but thankfully there is some truth in the saying that ‘practice makes perfect’ and we survived our 6th move in the last decade. It was as if all those morning runs helped build up my stamina for this day!

We were excited to go home yet sad to say good byes to our friends and what we have called home for the last one year.

In the midst of the packing, we managed to squeeze in some time to do some last minute baking. We baked some cookies for the teachers and a whacky cake for the kids to share with their friends in school.

Apart from getting ready for the move, there were more coffees and gatherings to bid farewells. For someone who doesn’t take to social events naturally, the last one year had been eventful. I met more people than I have met in the last decade as a stay at home mom. The most rewarding part has to be the many beautiful friendships that were forged over the last year.

Amongst these people were a mother of 4 who is my age and did a triathlon for the very first time; a mother of 3 (her oldest kid was 6 years old) who managed to find time to train for a half ironman; my jogging kaki who apart from learning Taekwondo with her kids, taught herself how to play the ukulele within the year and performed in front of an audience, and many more ladies who took to mothering their children in a foreign land, and speaking a foreign language with much grace and style.

This is my beautiful Scottish friend whom I miss dearly. She had prepared for us a beautiful champagne breakfast despite having to juggle 3 kids and keeping a big home impeccable.

I am thankful to have met these strong and capable ladies who have shown me so much about living a colourful life.



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