Christmas Tree Ornaments Craft

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We really love our Christmas tree from last year, a dead tree branch that fell into our back yard.
As much as we love having fresh pine scent in the house, it doesn’t make sense to buy a real tree when we will be traveling for the holiday.

So this year, we all agreed that some dead tree branches from the park will do. It will be great if we could find something as beautiful as what we had last year but I wasn’t hopeful, knowing how our National Park people were good at keeping our parks clean.

We headed to the park early one morning and found some fallen branches big enough to fit into our make shift vase. The branches weren’t very pretty but we all thought that with some work, they should look better. And that was how we got started on our Christmas project, churning out knick knacks for our tree.

We made a few versions of snowman, one from blown light bulb, another from mineral bottle caps and my 5 year old made a paper one which he thought was the most handsome.

We bought a huge bottle of Hama beads from Ikea for less than 10 bucks. The boys end up using them to make all sorts of weapon and swords, ah boys! They did make a snowflake just to make mom happy and I thought it looks pretty good.

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They had the most fun fiddling with their Lego and they made a Christmas village complete with Santa workshop, reindeers and sleigh. However it was all too heavy for our flimsy tree, so only the Christmas tree, candy cane and little house made it up our tree.

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All these were enough to keep them busy and excited for a few days.

Here are some Christmas crafts we made in the past
Toilet roll Christmas wreath
Toilet roll Christmas ornaments
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  1. Zee says:

    What a wonderful idea to use dead tree branches HF! The handmade ornaments are really pretty! My favourite are the reindeer and the Lego candy cane. I think I shall give the reindeer a shot. Your boys are super creative too! That Christmas village is amazing! 🙂

  2. Adeline says:

    I love this idea! So environmentally friendly, yet so pretty. Your homemade ornaments are so creative and lovely too! Will definitely try working on some of them, as we are also making our own ornaments this year. Thanks for sharing!

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