Of Weeds, Dried Twigs and Christmas Wreaths

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So besides bringing home tree branches from the park for our Christmas tree, we also hauled back a pile of, what looked like dried twigs. Or maybe not. Maybe these are just weeds because they were growing wild in some parts of East Coast Park. I thought they looked really pretty for something undesirable though.

How much of these you could bring home really depends on how much patience you have. My boys weren’t very good at that because bending over under the hot sun, pulling out weeds was hard work to them. And I had to remind them that there are people who do this for a living. Anyway, each of us managed to gather a handful, and they were enough to spill over our nature collection.

The other day, I decided to clear up the stash and because it is December, the month for crafting and baking. I decided to turn them into something christmassy for the home.

It was harder than I thought.
After a morning of battle, I finally got them into place. I managed to bundle them into a ring.
Me – 1
Weed – 0

photo 4 (12)
If Scrooge had a wreath, it probably looked like this. A scrawny looking one and I wasn’t very pleased with how it looked.

I couldn’t imagine making a fuller one though. It would probably take me ages from gathering to bundling. Now it sort of justified the price I paid for an autumn wreath from Target, which was really a bunch of dried twigs and flowers.

photo 2 (18)-001
But because we had spent so much effort gathering these and I wasn’t about to just throw them away, I made another attempt.

This time a little less ambitious, with whatever remaining we had left.
We made one which could fit right onto our flimsy tree.

photo 1 (18)-001
And now I am pretty convinced that with a few more trips to the park, I could complete my Christmas decoration for the house.


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