My Re-Gifter

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My 5 year old is a terror who drives his elder brother crazy on a daily basis. He takes pleasure in bugging and irritating his brother and their constant squabbling more or less contribute to my daily stress.

Yet this little terror had a sweet and loveable side which made it difficult for anyone to stay angry with him for long. Recently he caught the gifting bug. He probably love receiving present so much or had seen too much of me wrapping present during the holiday season. Presents wrapped in brown paper, tied up with strings and gift tag.

I was so thankful for Christmas because it kept us busy during the school holiday, from baking to making little handmade for the house and for gifting. It was also the perfect time to dig out Christmas stories for bedtime.

We read Howard B. Wigglebottom And The Power Of Giving which conveys the true spirit of Christmas and the story left quite an impression with Marcus.

I guess seeing all the presents that piled up around the Christmas tree made him eager to be part of this gifting frenzy. But being a preschooler with no pocket money made gifting kind of tricky. So I was pleasantly surprised when he handed me my Christmas present.

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Apparently he had rummaged through the house and found this tiny photo album I had made for the family while we were in the States. He had it carefully wrapped up with brown paper, tied and tagged like the rest of the presents. And when his Dad uttered why didn’t he had one as well. He was quick to wrap up one of his hama beads creation and gave it to him. It was all so cute.

My elder boy was never really big on making cards but his little brother will jump on any chance to draw a card or make a gift. He enjoys doing it so much that he decides to do this on a regular basis. And I am happy to be at the receiving end.

Here’s something he gave me the other day.
A note stuffed in an envelope, wrapped and taped with multiple layers.

Guess what’s in his note?
His Tingxie for the week!



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