Images of Singapore – RSAF Black Knights

For posterity, I thought I should add on these pictures to complete Images of Singapore.

I was supposed to be nursing a flu at home but ended up making a last minute dash to catch the Black Knights on their first day of performance. The dad had brought the kids to join some friends for a yacht trip around the island. They had the best view, with Black Knights flying right over them but I would have puked buckets if I joined them.

As part of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee celebrations, the Republic of Singapore Air Force Black Knights will perform a 25-minute aerial display above the waters off the Marina South area from 7 to 9 August 2015, 12pm daily.

It started to drizzle even before I got there and the rain just got heavier into the show. I was drenched and soaked through but stood there long enough to finish watching every single manoeuvre by the Black Knights. It’s been a while since I’ve done something this crazy!

The open area which was usually deserted was packed with people and cars. Not the best condition to ride a bike as I had to wrestle with cars and people. Didn’t help when my iron lady wasn’t really made for rougher terrains, worse when I am still cumbersome with handling the drop bar.

All in all, I don’t think the Black Knights put up their best show today due to weather. Certainly looking forward to clearer skies for the next couple of days.

P/S : Head over here to read how this mom avoid the crazy traffic and found the perfect place to catch the display, with food, seat, shelter and a vantage point to catch the show.












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