DIY Teacher’s Day Gifts

IMG_8167I made these granola last week. A few cups of rolled oat toasted with a handful of my favourite seeds and dried fruits. I used sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, black sesame, dried raisins and apricots.

They are great for breakfast with fruits or yogurt. Drizzle some honey, warm it up and turned them into healthy afternoon snacks. A healthier version as compared to those processed snacks or cornflakes you find off the shelves.

We found these Granola labels and decided to pack some for their teachers on Teacher’s Day.

Then my younger boy and I made these little owls a couple of weeks ago when he was too bored on a weekday afternoon. We thought of turning them into many things, key chain, brooch but finally decided to make them into bookmarks and gift them to his teachers for Teacher’s Day.

We got this huge tub of Hama beads from Ikea and absolutely love them. They are inexpensive and so good for keeping little hands busy. A friend shared how to turn them into earphone organizer. Now I can’t wait to make one for myself.

Last year, we made bath salts for their teachers which turned out to be a hit.
Check out OwlsWell’s cute photo bookmark and photo penholder and Life’s Tiny Miracle’s list of great gift ideas for teachers.

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