Planning A Birthday Party


My little one is turning 7 and we are planning a Harry Potter birthday party. So he has been looking forward to his birthday ever since we celebrated his brother’s earlier this year. Over the months, he had changed his mind several times on the birthday theme. For a while, it was castle and knight until one day when he dug out some old Star Wars DVD and decided that he wanted some serious light saber sparring for his birthday. Recently he started reading Harry Potter and watching the movie and became crazy over flying broomsticks, pointy hats and casting spells.

The elder brother has patiently explained to him what was shown on the screen. It was hard for my older boy to sit through the movie without commenting when he had read the books 3-4 times. In fact, we have spent so much time discussing the plot of the movie that we eventually decided to make it the theme for the birthday.

Having planned a Percy Jackson birthday party for his elder brother a couple of years back, I was sorely aware of the amount of effort required. But PSLE was over and I thought it would be good to get the boys involved in the planning and preparation of the party. The birthday boy was thrilled and everyone was excited and we spent many more hours talking about Harry Potter!


You will be surprised how much resources you can find on the internet for a Harry Potter birthday party! I got the boys involved in brainstorming for games ideas and they helped in providing information on ‘appropriate’ Harry Potter party food and filled in the gaps on the nitty gritty details on everything Harry Potter! My elder boy is now officially the Harry Potter expert in the household.

It was so much fun but like most things fun, the excitement sizzled off when they realized the amount of work involved. Thankfully, the 4 days of school break for PSLE marking gave them plenty of time to work on the tasks. There were game planning, food planning, piƱata making, invitation card making. Over the last week, the boys have learned to tie a sliding knot. make their own glue that cost almost nothing, make a wax seal without wax, how to age paper, use a hot glue gun and the best way to spray paint. They were given a budget to work with for the party and it made them pause and look at the price tags whenever we went shopping for our party needs. They were forced to do some maths to make sure they were not over spending!


The party is still a couple more days away but I am happy that this whole party planning and preparation thing has kept both our brains and hands busy. I may risk having the boys grow up hating me for making them work so hard for their birthday parties but I am so loving this whole atmosphere of discussing, arguing, thinking, buzzing of ideas and getting our hands dirty … an amazing opportunity for everyone to learn something!

I will share the details of the party in my next post!



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