My 7 Year Old’s Doodles

My 7 year old enjoys doodling. He would doodle random things that comes to his mind or things that he likes such as planes, knights, cars, battleships. Occasionally, I get a ‘get well’ card when I am sick. Sometimes, a confusing picture book on a fight between his good and bad guys or even a scene from the latest book he has read.

It is not always easy to decipher what he draws. But if you ask him, there is aways some ‘stories’ behind his drawings. It is interesting to watch him tell his story with gusto and to find out what goes on in his little head. It is this innocence and enthusiasm that make these doodles so endearing and precious.

He drew this one day and wasn’t too happy when I couldn’t recognize his Star Wars characters.

He went onto the internet and found some step by step tutorials on how to draw Star Wars characters. He was so determined to get it ‘right’ and the amazing thing was he could remember all the steps. Empowered by his new skill, he spent the afternoon duplicating storm troopers and Kylo Ren. I tried but just couldn’t seem to remember all the steps!

Recently, he learned about Keith Haring during art class in school. He likes the artist’s graffiti-inspired drawings because they are simple, colourful and cartoony and I think it pleases him that he could actually reproduce some of these quirky drawings. He was so excited to tell me about the artist ;and how he got started by spraying paint at NYC subways.

We spent more time googling about the artist which led us to a conversation about graffiti in our country and how people got punished doing it. It was a challenge trying to explain what is perceived as Art and what is vandalism. Frankly, I have no answer but we all agreed that the metro stations and tunnels in Paris were much more interesting because of graffiti and perhaps they should do so for our MRT stations!

He probably spent a lot of time thinking about Haring’s work because he made all these Haring inspired doodles for the next few days. He even made me a Haring inspired get well card that week when I was sick.

His Haring’s inspired doodle kind of culminated to this piece which he did for his Dad’s birthday while he was away.

It was a colourful surprise for his Dad when he came home. The kind of present that would put a smile on any parent’s face.





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