Turning 8

My little man is turning 8 and he is so excited because I’ve agreed to let him invite his classmates over our place after school, just like his elder brother gets to do so.

Yes, he can’t wait to grow up and get the kind of freedom his elder brother has. In fact, I think he can’t wait to grow up like his elder brother, and yet, they could not be more different from each other. The fact that both of them emerged from the same gene pool is sometimes mind-boggling to me and my husband.

He is sociable and good at making friends. We think that he is good at charming his way with his big dimpled smile and he doesn’t even have to try. It didn’t matter even if he wore a toothless smile for most part of his growing up years.

He is very good at sports. I think that he got his good sense of balance and ball sense from me but my husband will be the first one to disagree. I think he is just jealous and he will tell you it’s the other way round.

He has started reading chapter books but he got bored reading his collection and got curious over his brother’s Science Fiction books instead. They were beyond his reading level so we agreed to read to him The 13th Reality.

What we thought was too complex, he surprised us with his explanation of the Nonex, the Chi’karda, the Barrier Wand and the different Realities. He told us that he tried to imagine the scenes in his head and we are currently into the 4th and final book in the series.

He has a vivid imagination which helps in his story writing. I am probably biased but I find his stories interesting even though they were often peppered with spelling and grammar mistakes. His originality trumps model essays written with flowery phrases and perfect sentences.

When he started Primary 1 last year, he had no concept of test. He didn’t know the format of a test paper. The idea that he and his classmates would be sorted, ranked and grouped based on their test results didn’t exist in his head. All thanks and no thanks to his parents who did not do their part in preparing them for Primary 1.

Obviously, he didn’t do very well for Primary 1. He was too innocent and naive to know the norms and standards of school. Thankfully he has a teacher who was very understanding and agreed that it was okay to let him take his time.

Then came Primary 2. After bumming around for more than a year, we started to see improvement in his work and his teacher was extremely pleased. We told her that we didn’t do much, it was probably his maturity that helped him figured things out.

Sometimes I think growing kids is like growing plants. You sow the seeds, water them, give them plenty of sunshine and they will sprout into beautiful seedlings.

He is now in the midst of his year end examination and he just had a week break from school because of PSLE marking. He got really bored one afternoon when I took away his games. When I ignored his plea, he disappeared into the craft room and emerged later with this.

He had helped himself to the hot glue gun and disposable chopsticks and made what he declared to be an F16 fighter jet. I asked about the missing air intake and the extra tail fin. He was quick to tell me that he made a mistake. It should be an F15 instead!

The same thing happened again the next day and this time, he made a cross bow arrow. He got really frustrated when the arrow couldn’t shoot the way he wanted it to go. While I busied myself in the kitchen, he figured out that by sticking a piece of blue tac to the arrow head, it could prevent the arrow from spinning and by reducing the body weight, the arrow could fly further.

Dear Marcus,

It is okay to be bored because that is when you start using your brain to get creative. You will end up making things or invent games in your head because that is what you love to do. You always surprise me with the things that you can come up with.

Don’t be afraid to make mistake and always ask why. It is often the WHYs that lead you to real learning, something more valuable than giving the right answer.

As you turned 8, we wish that you will continue to wear that big smile on your face, let your imagination takes you to places and never lose that sparkle in your eyes!

Happy Birthday!

Love, Mama and Papa



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