Hi, my name is Hai Fang aka Aifang and for people who have problem pronouncing and remembering my Chinese name, I give them the liberty to call me Rachel and I think I am beginning to like the convenience of the latter and the cheerful tone to it.

I am a Singaporean and a full time mother of 2, Malcolm (born 2004) and Marcus (born 2009). I am married to my childhood sweet heart who enjoys the rush of operating a flying machine. He is the sweetest and most sensitive man I ever known.

I started this site when my elder son, Malcolm, was 9 months old, after we received news about my husband’s job posting overseas in the States. This site started off as a convenient space for us to share our lives with our family and friends back home in Singapore. It started off as a journal recording our daily activities, tears and joy, Malcolm’s big and small milestones and like many mummies, I was obsessed with my baby boy.  My life as a Stay At Home Mum revolved around him. He was the center of my life. Learning to care for a new baby and being a first time mum, takes up all my time.

Being a parent humbled me. It made me realized that my knowledge about this world is meager.  Malcolm always ask question I cannot answer.  Our daily lives are turned into living classrooms when there is something to learn about everything. One of my greatest joy of being a parent is to be able to learn together with him. I marvel at his ability to absorb new information.

I enjoyed my new role as a mother. It is my greatest joy to watch my little boy grow. But at the same time, I felt that I needed something more than the daily washing, cleaning, cooking and baby gibberish talk. This site allows me to indulge in myself a little.

This site forces me to think and write in complete sentences. It is a place for me to practice my writing and improve my English. I discovered my love for writing and my interest in photography through this site. My husband and best friend laugh when I told them that I enjoy writing now.

What started off as a journal is now a place where I share my interest and passion in photography and writing. Malcolm was the initial reason for this journal thus MalMal Our Inspiration.

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