My elder son discovered strategy games sometime ago
I thought was a matter of time with his obsession with old war films
He talks about war strategies and battle plans like how his mum would talk about dinner plan for the week
just that the latter lack the enthusiasm of the former

He found the game Battleship on my smart phone
a guessing game played by 2 people

He also found out that Captain Haddock played it with the plane’s owner in Tin Tin’s Adventure, Flight 714
which led him to create his own Battleship game
with pencil and paper

He drew grids for the sea
and ovals for the ships

He tried explaining the game to me
but I remained clueless
so were his friends
who couldn’t understand his ‘new’ game

He ended up playing by himself
and of course he managed to destroy his enemy’s task force in just a snap
how not
when he is the creator of his own enemy

Then during his recent birthday
Someone gave him the Battleship board game
He was thrilled

For the first time
I got to know this century old guessing game
which was known throughout the world as a pencil and paper game
and predates World War 1
They even have a printable version of the grids and squares

And so, I’ve learned
that next time when my son come up to  to me and goes
‘Hey Mum,  Look ! my new game !’
I should S.T.O.P and L.I.S.T.E.N
instead of just brushing it off as another silly game


An Unexpected Visitor

We came back from a swim this morning and look what we found crouching outside the bathroom door

A gorgeous looking grasshopper !

Its beautiful coat of bright luminous green with a faint tint of yellow

Never realized how pretty this creepy crawler looks closeup

We suspect he might have hitched a ride on the baby’s stroller when we left it near the pool this morning

Malcolm got really excited especially when I agreed to let him keep this little guy

I cringed while I watched him stroked his little pet

We found him an old longkang fish container

threw in some leafy greens from the fridge

and he is as happy as our new baby

he E.A.T.S

he P.O.O.S

Sadly, we found out that the average life span of an adult grasshopper is only 30 days or less

Let’s hope that there won’t be another beetle episode